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Specialist intelligence training, mentoring and capacity building services

Established in 2009 and managed by distinguished former British Intelligence Officers who continue to pride themselves on highest effect, quality, integrity and discretion

Prime delivery partner for internationally renowned clients

Over 100 highly successful small to large projects delivered on four continents

Formed mobile teams of security cleared, hand-picked experts from UK national intelligence, military and law enforcement backgrounds

Bespoke programmes designed to meet the client’s precise needs

Operationally-focused, training management and delivery systems

Services We Offer

Humint Training

From the most basic level of information elicitation to advanced operations, running a network of human sources in hostile and testing environments


Surveillance & Photography Training

Modularised surveillance and photography training to provide evidential standard intelligence from covert monitoring of individuals, locations and vehicles in both rural and urban environments


Multi-skilled experts, working alongside your directors, managers and personnel to increase operational effect and/or establish focussed policies and procedures from new skills up to full organisational change


Capacity Building

Examining every facet of a new or existing intelligence capability ensuring implementation of personnel selection, vetting, best operational practices, organisational management, asset/risk management, ethos and transparent governance/oversight up to government level

High Physical and Political Threat Environment Expertise


Sectors We Cover


Counter Terrorism

Rapidly developing, incisive, pre-emptive, intelligence-led counter terrorist capabilities

Counter Intelligence

Decades of expertise in protecting organisations’ information, personnel, materiel and resources


Counter Illegal Wildlife Trade

Applying specialist intelligence and investigative expertise to counter wildlife crime ensuring that every Ranger is a sensor with fusion at every level

Information into Intelligence into Evidence

Corporate Sector

Applying our specialist intelligence knowledge to the protection of IP, reputation, assets and personnel through avoidance, detection, investigation and exploitation



A lightly armed Roman Gladiator who relied on his speed, agility and cunning to defeat more heavily equipped opponents


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